Secure and manage your open source components

Open Source security and license management is now effortless.


Manage, report and enforce effortlessly.

Executive dashboards with drilldown capabilities give you a full and current picture. Define open source acceptance policies for security or licenses and enforce them. Use our workflow when approvals are necessary. Instantly create reports for due diligence, partners,or any other purpose

Always know what open source components are in your software. Effortlessly.

With WhiteSource, it takes minutes to discover all open source components in your software, including all sub-components and dependencies. For each, you get up-to-date license, security and compliance information. When developers start to use new components, they are automatically detected.

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Manage your open source licenses risks and ensure compliance. Effortlessly.

Know what license is attached to each open source component, the risks associated with it, and what needs to be done to comply with the license requirements. We will even automate some of these chores for you.

Be alerted on security vulnerabilities in your open source components. Effortlessly.

WhiteSource tells you which security vulnerabilities are known to affect your products, proactively alerts you when new ones are discovered, and lets you know when fixes become available.

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One solution for all of your programming languages and environments

As your company grows and changes, so do the languages and build tools that you use.

WhiteSource is the only solution that manages open source components in all popular programming languages and development environment.

Be it Java, C/C++, .Net, JavaScript, npm, Python, Ruby or PHP… with WhiteSource, you can manage and report open source usage in your software from one place.


A lightweight preventive solution

Proactively manage, without disrupting developers. Control what is added to your software to avert costly problems.

Seamlessly integrated in existing R&D environment

What is your favorite build server or tool? WhiteSource offers a simple plugin that detects new open source components as soon as they are brought in.

No code scanned or uploaded

WhiteSource’s plugin identifies the open source components and sends their electronic signatures to the WhiteSource server. No code is scanned or uploaded to the WhiteSource server.
Anthony Turco, CTO & EVP of Product bigtincan,

"We made the move to WhiteSource after using other technology to track and report on our open source usage.  White Source makes the arduous task of OpenSource license compliance, Security and Reporting much easier has resulted in notable improvements to our OpenSource compliance program.”
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Yvan Perrenoud, Software & Controls Quality Manager,

“With WhiteSource I have full view of what’s in each of the software versions, no matter where and by whom it was customized"
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Martin Bailey, Product Director – Enterprise Software,
Temenos Group AG

“With WhiteSource we have a comprehensive inventory of all the Open Source components, and can ensure full compliance with our license policies. We can now rapidly answer any questions from prospects and be certain we are 100% accurate, all without wasting any of our developers’ valuable time"
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Gil Maletski, CTO, Property & Casualty Division,

“WhiteSource enables us to provide our customers with the comprehensive, open source reports they require, without disrupting our work.”
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Gev Decktor, VP Software Development,
Panoramic Power

“Our agile framework and demanding eco system made it clear that we must use a solution like WhiteSource to automatically manage our open source components, dependencies and versions”
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Albrecht Scheidig, Head of Product Development,
HYPE Innovation

“With WhiteSource we can provide customers with up-to-date open source reports, and all it takes is a click of a button”
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Arik Priel, VP of R&D,

"WhiteSource helps us reduce legal and security risks associated with the use of certain open source components. WhiteSource continuously alerts us on security vulnerabilities that affect our product. When the question of open source usage came up during a due diligence process, we created an open source inventory report in one click."
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