Have full licensing and compliance information for the open source components that are used by your developers. On hand, at all times.


    With WhiteSource, you get a complete list of the open source components in your software, including up-to-date licensing, license risk analysis and compliance information.

    Know the security vulnerabilities in your open source components.


    WhiteSource alerts you on security vulnerabilities and lets you know when fixes become available.

    Manage, report and enforce – it’s so easy

    • Define open source policies and enforce them
    • Instantly create reports on open source components, compliance and security 
    • Enforce open source policies as part of the development process 

    Watch Webinar:

    Alternatives for Tracking Open Source Licenses: Making the Right Choice

    The viewer of this webinar will walk away with enough knowledge to make an educated choice as to which approach is the best for their organization.


    Latest Survey:

    Open Source Usage Practices Survey Results Report


    The survey examined how companies manage open source with regard to license risks and compliance, as well as security vulnerability management.



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