Code Securely and Faster
with Open Source

Detect and remediate open source security
and compliance issues in real-time, without the headache

Auto Detection

Check Every

No component overlooked. WhiteSource identifies every open source component in your software, including dependencies. It then secures you from vulnerabilities and enforces license policies throughout the software development lifecycle. The result? Faster, smoother development without compromising on security.

Effective Usage Analysis

Fix What
Matters Most

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. WhiteSource prioritizes vulnerabilities based on whether your code utilizes them or not, so you know exactly what needs your attention the most. This reduces security alerts by up to 85%, allowing you to remediate more critical issues faster.

Complete Platform

WhiteSource Core

We help you keep things in order.
WhiteSource is built to streamline your open source governance. With a full layer of alerting, reporting and policy management, you are effortlessly secure and always in control.

for Developers

WhiteSource for Developers is uniquely designed to simplify developers’ work, while keeping the code secure. Its suite of tools helps speed up integration, find problematic components, and remediate them quickly and easily.

for Containers

WhiteSource integrates into all stages of the container development lifecycle, including container registries and Kubernetes with automated policy enforcement for maximum visibility and control.


in 2011

Over 2x

growth YoY


over 1.3M developers



Supporting 25

of Fortune 100

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