Secure Your
Open Source Components

What is WhiteSource?

  • Detection

    Automatically detect all open source components in your code, while running your build

  • Selection

    Discover the best open source components for your needs, while you search online

  • Alerting

    Get real time alerts on security risks, policy pitfalls, and software bugs

  • Reporting

    Generate comprehensive, always up to date reports on your open source usage, in one click

How Does It Work?

WhiteSource operates unlike any other open source management solution on the market.

It integrates fully into your build process, no matter your programming languages, build tools, or development environments. It works automatically, continuously, and silently in the background, checking the security, licensing, and quality of your open source components against WhiteSource’s constantly-updated definitive database of open source repositories. You never need to halt development or expose your proprietary code.

Wondering what’s the mechanism behind it?