Accelerating Innovation With Open Source and Agile Compliance in the Financial Sector

June 17 at 11:00 CET

Open source adoption is increasing rapidly within the financial services industry. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, affordability, flexibility, and the power of the open source community – more and more financial institutions are encouraged to integrate open source components into their investment and more data processing systems.

Meanwhile, the industry’s growing list of compliance initiatives and regulations dramatically changes the way financial companies rely on technology

to help improve governance and compliance structures.

In this webinar our experts will discuss the challenges the financial services industry faces when it comes to open source compliance, a look at regulation trusted standards and how companies that want to stay ahead of the game must leverage technology to automate important security and compliance processes.

Shiri Arad Ivtsan, Director of Product Management, WhiteSource

Experienced Cloud Solutions Architect and Product Manager, focusing on open-source security and compliance tools for developers and DevOps. holds BS in Industrial Engineering and Management. Prior to joining her current company, worked for various companies where she held roles in R&D, as Solutions Architect, R&D Team Leader & Product Manager.


Ricardo Sueiras, Principal Advocate in Open Source, AWS

Ricardo is an enterprise evangelist at Amazon Web Services; he works with enterprise executives and technology leaders to help them adopt the cloud and transform their businesses. He has over twenty years of experience leading emerging technology and innovation programs and has been working with cloud technologies since 2008. He is passionate about cloud, innovation, and open source and is excited about how cloud accelerates and amplifies customers’ ability to innovate. Prior to joining AWS Ricardo worked for one of the largest professional services firms. For the past few years, he has been leading emerging technology and innovation programs.

Shane Coughlan, General Manager, OpenChain

Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history, establishing the leading professional network of Open Source legal experts and aligning stakeholders to launch both the first law journal and the first law book dedicated to Open Source. He currently leads the OpenChain community and serves on various boards TBD.

Gilbert Gadet, Managing Director Logic Technology B.V.

Gilbert Gadet is the managing director of Logic Technology. Having a background in embedded systems engineering, Gilbert’s motto is “to enable engineers to develop great products first time right on time and within budget”. Based right in the high-tech center of the Netherlands, Gilbert and his team of highly skilled and motivated experts provide companies in Europe with proven tools, software and complex hardware so they can deliver on their next generation electronics and software based (embedded) systems, tested, secure, certified, on time and within budget.