WhiteSource partners with
Amazon Web Services

The complete solution for software development and security teams to better secure and manage all open source components in their products.

How We Work Together

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AWS CodeBuild

WhiteSource's integration allows customers to automate the scanning of any project using AWS CodeBuild, tapping into the continuous integration pipeline.

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Easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes on AWS.

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WhiteSource for containers provides native support for Elastic Container Registry.

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AWS Lambda

WhiteSource serverless integration enables you to scan and monitor deployed Lambda functions.

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AWS Marketplace

WhiteSource is offered among thousands of software listings.


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    Securing Container-Based Application at the Speed of DevOps

  • Webinar

    DevSecOps in the Cloud is more than CI/CD

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    AWS Startup Stories Interview with WhiteSource


As an Advanced Technology Partner for DevOps Competency, WhiteSource manages open source license compliance and security unlike any other solution on the market.