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What’s It All About?

WhiteSource’s Browser Integration allows your developers to see a snapshot of the component’s open source security details before downloading it to their repository. The Chrome extension quickly identifies open source component package references on web pages such as Stack Overflow, Maven Central, and more.

With a simple click of the icon on the page, developers can view important details to help them decide whether or not to add a new component. Details include known vulnerabilities, quality scores, whether the component is currently in use within your organization.

Selecting the right component the first time can make your team’s development process more effective, saving you valuable time and money by preventing costly tear and replace ops later down the line when nearing release deadlines.

What Information Does It Provide?

Once you click on the WhiteSource Browser Integration extension it scans the page and detects all package references, and provides the following information on each open source component.

  • Version: Informs you if there’s a newer version.
  • License: Identifies the component’s license.
  • Policy Violations: Shows you whether the component meets your company’s policy as configured in your WhiteSource account.
  • Projects: Shows you if your organization is already using this library and number of occurrences.
  • Vulnerabilities: Each shield accounts for a different vulnerability and severity is demonstrated by
  • Quality: Provides an overall score based on the number of commits, version releases etc.

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The WhiteSource Browser Integration is now being offered as part of the WhiteSource For Developers bundle that empower your development to choose better components the first time. If you aren’t already a WhiteSource customer, this is your opportunity to take advantage of our wide range of benefits.

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