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Why Should You Meet Us?

WhiteSource is the first automatic and continuous open source security solution on the market, since 2011.
We have the most well-established database of known open source vulnerabilities, covering over 22 programming languages and platforms.
WhiteSource enables you to:

  • Continuously detect security issues early in the process. You can now track security vulnerabilities automatically and accurately.
  • Fix vulnerabilities before they endanger your software. Get notifications when a new version or a patch is released that fixes one of your vulnerable components and choose your remediation solution.
  • Continuously monitor your released product versions, based on your latest inventory report, so you can proactively fix issues before your customers notice.



Microsoft Recommends WhiteSource

“We want Microsoft’s users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. That’s why we reached out to partner with WhiteSource. WhiteSource is a thought leader in the Rugged DevOps space and we are happy that this partnership will bring the confidence, time and money savings they deliver to their customers.”

Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Microsoft

Are You Aware of Security Vulnerabilities
in Your Product?

You are going to great lengths to make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities in the software you develop, but what about the open source components you use?

Hundreds of open source security vulnerabilities are discovered and reported every year and hackers can easily take advantage of it.
Therefore, the response to released security vulnerabilities should be immediate.

The problem is that tracking open source vulnerabilities in your product manually is nearly impossible.
CVEs usually don’t specify the version of the component they are related to, so engineers need to check every single CVE manually to see if it impacts their products. Impractical!

Until Now.
WhiteSource automatically detects all security vulnerabilities related to the open source components in your product and alerts in real-time throughout the software lifecycle (SDLC):

  • Inform developers about security issues while they are searching for new open source libraries.
  • Alert whenever a problematic component is added to the build, so it is easier to remediate.
  • Warn when a new open source vulnerability is discovered in your product, even if it’s a released product.
  • Provide information on patches or new versions that fix these issues.

Check which oss security vulnerabilities hide in your product.

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Do You Know Which OSS Security Vulnerabilities Are in Your Software?

WhiteSource solution offers:

  • An accurate detection of open source components with no false-positives
  • A comprehensive vulnerabilities database which contains data from the NVD, security advisories and bug trackers
  • Coverage of more than 20 programming languages, both binary and source code
  • Secure your open source components throughout all stages of the SDLC


How Does WhiteSource Work?

Install the relevant WhiteSource plugin and run your build

Help your developers by using WhiteSource agile solution that:

  • Calculates the checksum for all your components without ever scanning your code (like open source scanning software such as Black Duck Protex, Palamida, OpenLogic, Protecode does)
  • Compares the checksum with WhiteSource’s databases to identify all your open source components, including all dependencies
  • Pulls relevant information like licenses, security vulnerabilities and updates from WhiteSource’s databases
  • Matches the retrieved data with your company’s pre-defined policies
  • Generates immediate up-to-date reports with all components and issues detected


Check out the integration we offer:


How to Create a Full Inventory Report in Less Than 5 Minutes?

Always up-to-date: WhiteSource reports get updated each time you run your build.

Comprehensive: each report contains complete information about all your open source components including dependencies.

One stop shop: WhiteSource supports all programming languages and development environments (unlike other tools such as Black Duck Hub), so you can view all your products in one dashboard.

Do You Know What Open Source Licenses Are Used in Your Software?

WhiteSource helps you to keep a handle on your open source usage by:

  • Detecting all open source components and licenses used in your product, including all dependencies
  • Creating complete and accurate management and legal reports within minutes
  • Automatically enforcing your compliance policy to ensure your developers only use licenses that you approve (including special automatic approval processes with complete history tracking)


Do You Have an M&A on the Horizon? Are You Ready for It?

WhiteSource will enable you and the acquiring team to gain full control of the open source in your software, by automatically:

  • Discover all your open source components and dependencies
  • Enforce license risk and compliance policy
  • Identify all known security vulnerabilities in your product


How to Set up an Open Source Policy in Less Than 5 Minutes?

You can set up a compliance policy based on a range of conditions, for example:

  • Blacklist or whitelist the license types that you approve or disapprove. Any license type that’s not listed will require management’s approval or it can fail the build
  • Security sensitivity severity as defined in the CVE
  • Additional conditions like: Library name, new versions, library age etc.

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