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WhiteSource is the first automatic and continuous open source security solution on the market, since 2011.


WhiteSource enables you to:

  • Continuously detect security issues early in the process. You can now track security vulnerabilities automatically and accurately.
  • Fix vulnerabilities before they endanger your software. Get notifications when a new version or a patch is released that fixes one of your vulnerable components and choose your remediation solution.
  • Continuously monitor your released product versions, based on your latest inventory report, so you can proactively fix issues before your customers notice.


WhiteSource Ranked Best Offering

WhiteSource Scores Strongest Current Offering in Forrester’s ‘Software Composition Analysis’ Report


“WhiteSource Software offers strong support for proactive vulnerability management, policy management, and SDLC integration, with sound vulnerability identification capabilities as well”.


Download the Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Q1 2017 report to learn all about the different competitors in the market.


Forrester wave

WhiteSource Platform

  • Get Real-Time Alerts on Open Source Vulnerabilities

    Get notifications in real-time whenever a vulnerable component is added to your build or when a vulnerability is discovered in a component already used in your software.

  • Enforce Policies Automatically

    Block problematic open source components when a developer adds it to your repository or build by enforcing security, license, and quality policies automatically.

  • Get Full Visibility Throughout the SDLC

    Integrate WhiteSource with your repositories, build tools and CI servers to automate your entire open source management process.

  • Generate Various Reports in One Click

    Produce detailed, accurate and up-to-date reports on all different aspects of your open source usage, within minutes.

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Microsoft Recommends WhiteSource

“We want Microsoft’s users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. That’s why we reached out to partner with WhiteSource. WhiteSource is a thought leader in the Rugged DevOps space and we are happy that this partnership will bring the confidence, time and money savings they deliver to their customers.”

Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Microsoft

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