About Free Developer Tools

Developers should be able to work with open source components without having to spend time worrying about the security or quality of their software projects. WhiteSource’s developer focused free tools were created to help developers easily manage open source components from their own environments.

WhiteSource Bolt easily integrates into repos and enables developers and DevOps to easily detect and fix open source issues early in development. WhiteSource Bolt can be added to both GitHub and Microsoft Azure DevOps to automatically detect open source vulnerabilities and provide fixes, so that teams can address issue early when they are easier and cheaper to fix.

Renovate was founded as an open source project in 2017 by Rhys Arkins, to help software developers keep their open source dependencies up-to-date with minimal effort. In 2019 Rhys and Renovate joined the WhiteSource family. Now WhiteSource Renovate includes an open source project (a command-line tool), a GitHub app, a GitLab app, and a self-hosted solution, so that developers can automate their dependency updates early and often as part of their workflow.

WhiteSource founded in 2011, our vision is to empower software development teams to create better software by harnessing the power of open source. We believe the only way to use open source without compromising on security or quality — and without slowing you down — is to make managing open source components as simple and easy as possible. That’s why WhiteSource advanced SCA (Software Composition Analysis) technology works seamlessly within the development process, making it easy to develop secure software, fast.

We take care of the heavy lifting that comes with open source usage. WhiteSource’s solution operates in real-­time to provide visibility and control over your open source components as soon as they are added to your code. Our tools alert you only when issues require your attention, providing you with all the information that you need to make the right choices.