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WhiteSource for Azure Repos Integration

WhiteSource for Azure Repos provides developer-first security tooling that seamlessly integrates with Azure DevOps. This repository integration empowers developers to move beyond just scanning to focus on the remediation of open source vulnerabilities and license compliance issues.

The Benefits of Application Scanning in the Repository

Security is always in high demand yet short supply. To shift security left, developers need tooling that scans and provides instant feedback in their native environments. Learn how scanning in the repository makes security invisible to developers and reduces friction between security and development teams.

WhiteSource Infrastructure as Code

WhiteSource Infrastructure as Code (IaC) helps organizations secure IaC templates and checks for security issues, compliance violations, and other misconfigurations so developers can fix misconfigurations as part of their normal workflow.

WhiteSource Vulnerability Database

The data that powers your Software Composition Analysis solution is the difference between identifying all critical open source vulnerabilities and leaving your organization exposed. Secure your open source software with WhiteSource, the industry’s best vulnerability and compliance data.

WhiteSource Diffend

WhiteSource Diffend is a comprehensive supply chain security solution, designed for behind-the-scenes exception-based alerting that doesn’t interfere with developers’ work.

WhiteSource Priority Scoring

Automatically prioritize vulnerabilities based on customized settings that reflect your organization’s risk profile, by factoring in business impact, availability of a fix, and the threat itself.