Open Source Usage Practices Survey: Last Chance to Participate

WhiteSource, a leading provider of automated tools for open-source license compliance and security risk management announces that its annual “Open Source Usage Practices Survey” will close on March 31. WhiteSource will hold a free webinar on April 29, where survey results will be shared.

What: Developers routinely use open source components to boost productivity and improve quality of their code. However, just like with any third-party code, open source usage must be properly managed. The Open Source Usage Practices Survey by WhiteSource examines how companies manage open source with regard to license risks and compliance, as well as security vulnerability management.

This survey is one of several WhiteSource studies aimed at fostering proper management of open source usage.

Who: The survey is particularly relevant for R&D managers, as well as information security, legal and compliance professionals.

The answers are kept completely anonymous, and WhiteSource only presents aggregated statistics.

All participants will receive a copy of the full report. One respondent will be selected to win an Apple iPad mini.

WhiteSource invites everyone to attend a free webinar where results will be presented and explained.

When: The Open Source Usage Practices Survey is open to the general public until March 31, 2014. Results will be presented during a webinar on April 29, 2014 at 9:30 am PDT, by WhiteSource CEO, Rami Sass.

Please click here to take the survey and pre- register for the webinar:

About WhiteSource

WhiteSource provides easy-to-use solutions for managing the usage of open source components by developers, to ensure license compliance and reduce security and quality risks.

WhiteSource easily plugs itself into the software development lifecycle, and automatically detects new open source components as soon as they are being entered by developers. Thereafter, WhiteSource continuously provides (1) comprehensive and up-to-date open source inventory reports (down to the last dependency); (2) license risks analysis and compliance reports; and (3) proactive alerts on security vulnerabilities whenever discovered, as well as available fixes.

WhiteSource is easy to setup, requires no training to use, and completely removes the burden from developers. The service is affordable to companies of all sizes.

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