Renovate, an Open Source Project for Software Dependency Updates, Joins the Whitesource Family

Free WhiteSource Renovate solution automatically resolves outdated dependencies, saving developers’ time, reducing risk, and mitigating the impact of security vulnerabilities

TEL AVIV, IsraelNov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and license compliance management, announced today that Renovate, the industry-standard dependency update solution for software developers, will be joining the WhiteSource family. In addition, all of Renovate’s current commercial offerings will now be available for free under its new name, WhiteSource Renovate.

“Renovate was developed because running user-facing applications with outdated dependencies is not a serious option for software projects today,” says Rhys Arkins, founder of Renovate. “It increases the likelihood of unfixed bugs and increases the quantity and impact of security vulnerabilities within software applications. With Renovate, you can automatically and efficiently keep dependencies up-to-date, integrating this process into any DevOps workflow.”

WhiteSource will continue to drive the Renovate open source project, which to date has received over 5,000 commits from more than 150 contributors. Furthermore, WhiteSource will now offer the existing paid offerings for free: a GitHub app, a GitLab app, and a self-hosted solution , all under the WhiteSource Renovate umbrella.

“We’re excited to add Renovate’s technology to the WhiteSource product line, and we’re looking forward to getting it into the hands of as many developers as possible,” said Rami Sass, CEO of WhiteSource. “Dependency visibility and currency are essential ingredients for mature software organizations and an important complement to vulnerability and license management. We’re proud that a tool for updating dependencies is itself open source and will ensure the project continues to extend its leadership in multi-platform and language support. By incorporating all of Renovate’s current commercial offerings into a free WhiteSource Renovate solution, and by maintaining the open source component, WhiteSource underscores its commitment to helping the software developer community more easily address open source management and security vulnerability challenges, so that developers can spend more time innovating and less time manually resolving security vulnerabilities or dependency updates.”

Rhys Arkins joins WhiteSource as Director of Product. For more information directly from Rhys, check out his blog here.

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