WhiteSource Launches Extension For Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 26, 2020 WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and license compliance management software, announced today its new native integration for Microsoft Azure DevOps services. The new extension will provide Azure DevOps users with immediate visibility over their open source components, and real-time security and compliance alerts, via a detailed risk report available on the Azure DevOps platform.

The Azure DevOps integration is designed to make DevOps, development, and security managers’ lives easier when working with open source components. The integration enables teams to reduce remediation time in both pre and post-release stages by detecting security vulnerabilities and compliance issues during the build stage when they are easier and quicker to fix.

The new integration will alert Azure DevOps users on problematic open source components and provide them with the information they need, when they need it without having to leave their native workspace, by providing a comprehensive risk report embedded in the Azure DevOps pipelines environment.

“We’re excited to enhance our offering to Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure DevOps customers, and support managers in their journey to achieve DevOps maturity,” said Jeffrey Martin, Associate VP Product at WhiteSource. “With this new addition, WhiteSource provides users with an end-to-end solution for their browser, IDE, repositories, CI/CD server, container registries, and K8 services.”

The Azure DevOps Services native integration is an addition to the existing WhiteSource Core native integration for Azure DevOps Server. Additional information regarding the new WhiteSource extension for Azure DevOps Services can be found here

About WhiteSource

WhiteSource is the pioneer of open source security and license compliance management. Founded in 2011, its vision is to empower businesses to develop better software by harnessing the power of open source. WhiteSource is used by more than 800 customers worldwide, from all verticals and sizes, including 23% of Fortune 100 companies, as well as industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Comcast, and many more. For more information, please visit www.WhiteSourceSoftware.com