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Integrating security tools into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) can assist teams in detecting vulnerabilities earlier in the development process when it is easier to address them.


WhiteSource’s Repository Integration, including support for GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab, provide developer-focused security tools that operate within the native development environment, without compromising agility. 

  • Continuous Repo Security

    Get real-time alerts and actionable insights on vulnerable open source libraries and dependencies within the repo UI

  • Simplified & Quick Remediation

    Remediate quickly with automatic pull requests that contain verified suggested fixes for vulnerable libraries

  • Native Workflow Integration

    Enforce security policies with automated workflows that can track your repos and remediate vulnerabilities

See why WhiteSource is named a leader in the Forrester Wave SCA Report, Q2 2019


How Does it Work?

On every push to your repository, WhiteSource will also automatically detect newly published vulnerabilities affecting any of your existing dependencies, ensuring full coverage for all of your dependencies, both new and existing.


When the scan concludes, WhiteSource will create an Issue pertaining to each new security vulnerability introduced into your repository, with details regarding the library, the vulnerability, and possible fixes.

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