Aharon Abadi (PhD)

Chief Scientist at WhiteSource

Aharon Abadi (PhD) Chief Scientist at WhiteSource since November 2017.
Aharon studied computer science at the Tel-Aviv University, receiving BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees, respectively. Aharon research interests lie a wide range of topics including application security, open source security, cloud and cloud security, static code analysis, refactoring, program transformations, fuzzing, formal methods and more. His work has been included in WhiteSource and IBM products and was awarded the IBM Research Division award (RDA) and the IBM Outstanding Innovation Award (OIA). He is the main author of dozen papers in top conferences and more than 60 patents. His recent work on fine slicing received the European Association of Software Science and Technology (EASST) Award as Best Software Science paper. He is the main organizer and the PC chair of international events such as: DeMobile, MobileDeLi and MobileSoft.

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