Our Contribution to the COVID-19 Battle

The Open Source Community Unites

In these unprecedented times, the open source community has come together to develop a number of tools to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining efforts with governments, public health officials, doctors, scientists, private citizens and more, open source developers are creating new projects that solve the problems unique to the current global health crisis. 

As these open source projects rise to meet the many challenges of conquering COVID-19, more people outside the open source community are joining forces as they start to understand the power and promise of open source development. The open source model of adopting a collaborative development approach in a transparent environment to fight a common foe is well suited to solving the complex problems associated with COVID-19.

Reducing Enterprise Application Security Risks:

More Work Needs to Be Done

WhiteSource Supports Open Source Projects

Fighting COVID-19

WhiteSource is committed to helping the open source community meet its security needs during this critical period. Because time is of the essence, we understand that security may take a back seat during the development of these important tools, but we are here to support COVID-19 related open source projects in any way we can. 

Inspired by the efforts of the open source community, we have scanned the most popular COVID-19 related open source projects over the past two weeks. We have sent our findings to each project’s maintainers and have offered our services and support free of charge. This offer extends to all open source projects engaged in COVID-19 research, emergency response, or relief efforts. 

We would like to provide our expertise to help secure and manage COVID-19 related open source projects. WhiteSource helps companies of all sizes better manage the open source components in their applications. WhiteSource Integrates with all stages of the software development lifecycle to provide real-time alerts on vulnerable or problematic components with actionable insights for a quick remediation.

Security Remains a Priority

While we understand security may not be the first concern at this time, it is still critically important. Unfortunately, despite the global outpouring of support and collaboration aimed at fighting COVID-19, there are still bad actors out there looking to create chaos. Considering the mandated privacy of the many personal health records involved, the sensitivity of the supply chain supporting vital medical efforts, and the need to protect essential research data, security should be top of mind for any open source project battling COVID-19.

We Want to Help

As we face this enormous public health emergency on a scale that we have not seen before, we all must do whatever we can to help solve today’s critical challenges. WhiteSource is proud to be part of the solution.

If you are working on a COVID-19 related open source project, please reach out and we’ll be happy to offer our product and services free of charge.