Developing enterprise software? 2 challenges and a case study

If you manage the development of software solutions that are offered to large organizations, this is the post for you.

Large organizations have strict purchasing processes in place. These processes are there to protect the organization’s operational, security and legal needs.

These processes also affect your development, release, deployment, and operations processes.


With regard to use of open source components in your software, these will be your challenges:

1.    Large organizations are concerned about potential impact to their own operations, and increasingly require their software suppliers to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements.

You will be required to provide an open source report with every sale, and to state that you comply with the requirements of the open source licenses that you use.

2.    Large organizations are increasingly concerned about potential security issues in products they acquire. Recent security vulnerabilities in open source components (such as Heartbleed) raised their awareness of the open source components in the commercial products they acquire. They want to know that this area is covered by their vendors.

You will be required to assure your customers that all the open source components in your software were updated to correct known bugs and security vulnerabilities.