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Engineering Executive – the Gifts you Should Get for Yourself

It’s the holiday season and the shopping has begun. We suggest being proactive about it and getting yourself that special something you actually want instead of hoping someone else guesses right.

Here’s a short list of things we think are awesome:


1. GoPro on a Quacopter

Get more out of your GoPro and capture life’s amazing moments with the DJI Phantom quadcopter. The DJI Phantom takes things to the next level making it possible to take awesome pictures like this.


2. Coffee from bed.

The next best thing after coffee in bed: brew coffee from your bed or better yet, set a schedule so that your coffee is ready whenever you want it. Mr. Coffee Maker is part of the WeMo smart home applications so you can manage your coffee right from your smartphone.


3. Effortless management of open source components in your software.

Having the best and the latest at home is great, but what about at work?


Managing your open source components is always a burden.


With WhiteSource you will start 2015 with immaculately and well managed open source inventory and will not have to spend time and effort on managing open source components, producing reports and chasing developers for answers.


For the month of December WhiteSource is giving a 10% discount plus 10% charity donation on all orders.


The gift that keeps you on top of your game!


  • Discover all of your open source inventory, including dependencies within minutes
  • New components are added to your inventory list automatically
  • You can easily manage license, compliance and resolution issues from within WhiteSource’s simple to use dashboard
  • Find out if your software has security vulnerabilities and get updates when new ones are discovered
  • Take control with policy enforcement on open source usage

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