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Back to Heartbleed. Three Years Later.

New Year’s Eve. The tangible electricity in the air. The unbridled optimism of a full year of new possibilities. The chance to get a little wild, and make a few mistakes. Who cares? It will all be...

Getting Jiggy With the Open Source Community

Open source has long become an integral part of how software teams build software, but still, the majority of us are not leveraging all the benefits the open source community has to offer by...

Open Source Management – the Story of Dave and Mike

"A day in the life of Dave and Mike Dave is a lean, mean highly organized machine. Whereas Mike is more relaxed about his affairs. Consequently, you can probably guess who’s usually ahead of the..."

The Five Founding Fathers of Open Source

"It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving! Just as we remember our forefathers who came to the New World in search of freedom, let’s spare a thought for those Open Source pioneers who helped..."

The Difference Between Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery

Do you remember in high school it seemed like all the cool kids seemed to be speaking in their own code? Well, it’s a bit like that in DevOps circles today. Everybody’s talking about Continuous Integration (CI) this, Continuous Deployment (CD) that. And who knows, you might even hear some people mentioning Continous Delivery (CDel)....