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The Best of WhiteSource 2018: Top 7 Reader’s Favorites Articles

We are just 24 hours into 2019, but we must not forget the trend-setting year we experienced in 2018. Over the past year, here at WhiteSource, we launched new features, integrations, free developer tools, issued reports, and much more.

For the entire open source industry, 2018 was quite an exciting year. From severe open source vulnerabilities to breakthroughs, this past year featured a lot of eye-grabbing headlines reflecting the state of open source vulnerabilities, DevSecOps, and Application Security at large.

Following in this direction, some of our most popular blog post from the past year reflected the industry-related trends which grabbed the attention of readers.  

Looking back at some of the reader-favorites blog posts from 2018 tells us a bit about where we were and where we are heading in 2019.

Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

Git Much? The Top 10 Companies Contributing to Open Source

We wanted to get a better understanding of which companies are the most active contributors when it comes to the top open source languages. After researching and being a bit surprised ourselves, we featured the top 10 GitHub contributors who you should be keeping your eye out for on GitHub.

What’s a SaaS to Do? The SaaS Loophole in GPL Open Source Licenses

While the debate around the GPL SaaS loophole and the efficiency of the AGPL might be a thing of the past, the licenses in the open source components that you are using still very much matter.

Top Prep Tips for Technical Due Diligence

Top five factors that we recommend you consider to make sure that you can present interested parties with a comprehensive and clear picture during the technical due diligence process.

Essential Steps for Vulnerability Remediation Process

These steps might sound simple, but without a vulnerability remediation process that all stakeholders have signed off on, an organization might find itself a day late and a dollar short in their race against the hackers.

Security Patch Management — 7 Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve put together a list of four recommended best practices and three common mistakes organizations need to avoid when formulating a security patch management strategy.

Open Source Risks and How to Beat Them – a Quick Guide

As much as we love the benefits of using open source software components, they still come with risks. In our guide, we provide some answers to better understand and address open source risks.

Top 5 Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities in 2018

We put together a list of the top 5 Linux Vulnerabilities that hit organizations by mid-2018, aggregated by the WhiteSource database. Some of these might have been first uncovered before 2018, but are still alive and kicking in many systems.

2019 and Moving Forward

We hope you’ve found these posts to be as helpful and interesting as we have. We are looking forward to seeing what the open source security industry has in store for us in 2019. Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts which can be found in our Resource Center.

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