Welcome to the WhiteSource Blog

WhiteSource recently launched the beta version of the Open Source License Management service. The company was founded by experts in business process automation, compliance and security. We understood the importance of OSS lifecycle management from our own experience working at start-ups, developing with OSS modules, and then undergoing thorough M&A due diligence processes.

We knew that our “home-grown” management system (Excel spread sheets!) wasn’t enough. But at the same time, we ourselves wouldn’t want to use anything heavy or complicated. So we created WhiteSource to provide a powerful but convenient platform for managing open source, a solution that would provide a lot of added value with no overhead.

The new WhiteSource Blog is dedicated to discussing topics of interest for companies that develop software using Open Source libraries and code. We will talk about the many issues that all of us are dealing with today in order to keep our own commercial products robust, safe, and commercially viable. The WhiteSource team will be contributing regularly, along with guest bloggers from the larger Open Source community. If you would like to contribute, let us know!