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Managing Supply Chain Security Risks in the Enterprise

The sharp increase in attacks on organizations’ software supply chains requires policy makers to address supply chain risks with a more structured approach. President Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order #14028 and NTIA’s Software Component Transparency initiative aim to strengthen supply chain security through advanced visibility over organizations’ software bill of materials (SBOM). It’s crucial to formulate...

Reducing Open Source Security Risks in Apps & IoT Devices

Over the past years, attacks on the application layer have become more and more common. Recent research reports on reducing enterprise AppSec risks have found that the highest level of security risk is considered by many to be in the application layer. Applications remain a top cause of external breaches, and the prevalence of open...

Removing Technical and Security Debt with Dev – First AppSec tooling

As organizations AppSec tools and practices shift left in the DevOps pipeline, development teams are required to assume responsibility for security tasks. While this is an important step toward achieving DevSecOps maturity, integrating application security testing tools risks burying developers under a seemingly never-ending list of security alerts. How can organizations make sure that development...