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Renovating with Renovate

Renovate was originally created to scratch an internal itch, so we’ve been both enjoying its capabilities and testing them from day one. When people get started or get comfortable with using Renovate, it’s pretty understandable that they might look at the Renovate project itself as a reference user. We’ve put together this post to share how...

AWS Oil and Gas Roundtable

As part of their journey to Digital Transformation, Oil & Gas enterprises are shifting their focus on becoming agile through DevOps in order to provide efficiency and productivity. Because there is no single standard DevOps methodology, many companies are finding it challenging to manage security requirements, which contributes to a slow start, slow delivery, and...

ISIT Shifting Compliance & Security Left – Into the Hands of The Developers

The software world is alive with talk of shifting left – but what does it really mean? Theoretically, it means shifting responsibility for security & compliance to developers. In practice, it largely means enriching CI/CD processes to detect problematic licenses & vulnerabilities before they reach the main branch or production.  Shiri Arad Ivtsan, Director of Product Management at WhiteSource will discuss...