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Observability: What You Need to Know

Learn why observability is important to DevOps organizations with distributed systems, how observability is different from monitoring, and how to approach the three pillars of observability.

State of the Market CI/CD/ARA

The continuous integration/continuous delivery market has gone through many changes since DevOps came on the scene, but it remains the backbone of the DevOps toolchain. Application release automation has also joined the ranks of must-have DevOps technologies. So where does the market stand currently and what can we expect to see in the next generation...

Harnessing Development to Scale AppSec

GitLab helps you to scale security across your Continuous Integration (CI) process enabling developers to test their code with every code change, right in their existing workflow. By seamlessly integrating WhiteSource’s security application testing solution in GitLab CI, we further reduce context switching and increase developer productivity. This enables developers and InfoSec professionals to work...