WhiteSource SAST:
Security at the Speed of DevOps

WhiteSource SAST lets application developers create new applications quickly, without sacrificing security


Welcome to the new generation of SAST

A breakthrough product that lets application developers create new applications quickly, without compromising on security.

WhiteSource SAST solves the major challenges in SAST solutions. It’s:

10x or more faster than traditional SAST solutions.

It integrates easily with your existing DevOps environment and CI/CD pipeline.

Supports 27 different programming languages and frameworks.

What you need to know about next generation SAST

WhiteSource SAST:
The Next Generation
of Application Security

Best SAST Tools - Top 7 Solutions Compared

Best SAST Tools:
Top 7 Solutions

WhiteSource SAST
Security at the Speed
of DevOps

Who Is WhiteSource?

WhiteSource helps companies secure their software by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities. As the pioneer of software composition analysis (SCA), WhiteSource has been a leader in open source application security for more than 10 years. Now, we offer custom code security through static application security testing (SAST). WhiteSource SCA and SAST technology integrate easily into your developer’s’ workflow. Our solution helps enterprises like Microsoft, IBM, Comcast, Philips, and many more reduce security risk and increase the productivity of their security and development teams.

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