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SAST vs. SCA Solutions

Organizations tend to overlook open source security, due to the misconception that proprietary vulnerabilities and open source security vulnerabilities are detected and remediated in the same way.

Vulnerable open source components can’t be detected by SAST, DAST, and other application security testing tools. Managing open source security vulnerabilities requires a different set of tools.

SCA Solutions Are Not One and the Same

With open source vulnerabilities on the rise, you need a comprehensive Software Composition Analysis solution in order to scale your open source security management. Compare vendors below to understand what each one offers.

SourceClear SCA
CheckMarx: CxOSAWhiteHat SecurityFortifyRapid 7: Metasploit
Open Source Vulnerability DetectionXX
Open Source Licenses DetectionXXX
Open Source Vulnerability PrioritizationXXXXX
Open Source Vulnerability RemediationXXXXX
Broad Language CoverageXXXXX
Developer Environment Integrations (IDE, Repos)XXXXX

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