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Secure and Manage Your

Open Source Components

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How Can WhiteSource Bolt Help You?

  • Find & Fix Open Source Vulnerabilities

    Detect vulnerable components & see fix recommendations

  • Ensure License Compliance

    Discover all used open source licenses in your project

  • Generate Inventory Reports

    Get a detailed BoM with all transitive dependencies

WhiteSource Scores Strongest Current Offering in Forrester's 'Software Composition Analysis' Report

The Full WhiteSource Platform

whitesource_icons-Hardhat Only WhiteSource Bolt is a powerful solution but offers partial capabilities compared to the full WhiteSource platform. The complete WhiteSource platform offers the following benefits:

  • Get Real-Time Alerts on Open Source Vulnerabilities

    Get notifications in real-time whenever a vulnerable component is added to your build or when a vulnerability is discovered in a component already used in your software.


  • Enforce Policies Automatically

    Block problematic open source components when a developer adds it to your repository or build by enforcing security, license, and quality policies automatically.

  • Get Full Visibility Throughout the SDLC

    Integrate WhiteSource with your repositories, build tools and CI servers to automate your entire open source management process.

  • Generate Various Reports in One Click

    Produce detailed, accurate and up-to-date reports on all different aspects of your open source usage, within minutes.

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What Microsoft Says About WhiteSource

“We want Microsoft’s users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. That’s why we reached out to partner with WhiteSource. WhiteSource is a thought leader in the Rugged DevOps space and we are happy that this partnership will bring the confidence, time and money savings they deliver to their customers.”

Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Microsoft

See What Our Customers Have to Say:


“I kept on losing sight of whether there are any vulnerabilities in my products because we keep introducing software that isn’t our own. After testing WhiteSource, I was able to bring that to my boss, showing him the return on investment and noting that this thing pays for itself.”
Jeremy Bailey, Applications Development Manager, Northern Safety


“I have been using WhiteSource a lot to remove known vulnerabilities. The more I use it the more I like it. It has saved me hours, days, weeks of work. We are currently using the java and docker analyzers and are soon plugging in our legacy products.”
Cameron Bromley, Senior Technical Director, Zimperium


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