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Date: October 28, 2021

FirstUseAuthenticator is a JupyterHub authenticator that helps new users set their password on their first login to JupyterHub. When JupyterHub is used with FirstUseAuthenticator, a vulnerability in versions prior to 1.0.0 allows unauthorized access to any user's account if `create_users=True` and the username is known or guessed. One may upgrade to version 1.0.0 or apply a patch manually to mitigate the vulnerability. For those who cannot upgrade, there is no complete workaround, but a partial mitigation exists. One can disable user creation with `c.FirstUseAuthenticator.create_users = False`, which will only allow login with fully normalized usernames for already existing users prior to jupyterhub-firstuserauthenticator 1.0.0. If any users have never logged in with their normalized username (i.e. lowercase), they will still be vulnerable until a patch or upgrade occurs.

Language: Python

Severity Score

Severity Score

Weakness Type (CWE)

Insufficient Information


Top Fix


Upgrade Version

Upgrade to version jupyterhub-firstuseauthenticator - 1.0.0

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CVSS v3.1

Base Score:
Attack Vector (AV): NETWORK
Attack Complexity (AC): LOW
Privileges Required (PR): NONE
User Interaction (UI): NONE
Confidentiality (C): HIGH
Integrity (I): HIGH
Availability (A): HIGH


Base Score:
Access Vector (AV): NETWORK
Access Complexity (AC): MEDIUM
Authentication (AU): NONE
Confidentiality (C): PARTIAL
Integrity (I): PARTIAL
Availability (A): PARTIAL
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