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Date: January 21, 2022

A vulnerability exists in Pterodactyl Panel <= 1.6.6 that could allow a malicious attacker that compromises an API key to generate an authenticated user session that is not revoked when the API key is deleted, thus allowing the malicious user to remain logged in as the user the key belonged to. It is important to note that a malicious user must first compromise an existing API key for a user to exploit this issue. It cannot be exploited by chance, and requires a coordinated attack against an individual account using a known API key.

Language: PHP

Severity Score

Severity Score

Weakness Type (CWE)

Insufficient Session Expiration


Top Fix


Upgrade Version

Upgrade to version v1.7.0

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CVSS v3.1

Base Score:
Attack Vector (AV): NETWORK
Attack Complexity (AC): HIGH
Privileges Required (PR): HIGH
User Interaction (UI): REQUIRED
Confidentiality (C): HIGH
Integrity (I): HIGH
Availability (A): LOW

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