Identify the Top

Open Source Vulnerabilities

With WhiteSource Vulnerability Checker

Download the Vulnerability Checker 

The Vulnerability Checker identifies whether the top open source vulnerabilities of last month are in your libraries, or if you have any of the most common open source vulnerabilities.


It provides a report, including:


  • Which of the top open source vulnerabilities are in your libraries
  • The vulnerable libraries and their paths
  • Suggested fixes


Save time and make sure your software does not contain any of the top open source vulnerabilities.

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Why You Should Use the Vulnerability Checker

Every month, new open source vulnerabilities are found in open source components and disclosed by the NVD, issue trackers and security advisories. From that moment any application that uses any of these vulnerable components is not secure.
WhiteSource Vulnerability Checker identifies whether any of the latest vulnerabilities of the past month is in your software, in which library, and directs you to the fix if there is one available.

What Information Does The Vulnerability Checker Provide?

Run the Vulnerability Checker on your libraries to get an HTML report within minutes, that will include the following details for each vulnerability:

  • CVE number: The serial number of the vulnerability, given by the NVD
  • Severity level: According to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) V3
  • Path: The exact location of the vulnerable component in your code
  • REFs: links to other sources with relevant information on this vulnerability
  • Suggested fix: The new version or the patch that fixes the vulnerability (if exists)

Check vulnerabilities in your libraries and receive a detailed report