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About Whitesource

WhiteSource co-founders, Ron, Azi and Rami had their own stressful experience with open source due diligence during the acquisition of their software company, Eurekify, in 2008 to CA Technologies.

They were requested to submit an open source inventory report as part of their software audit, but it turned out that their spreadsheets were not very accurate and up-to-date as they managed their open source manually. This turned out to be a major effort, in the worst timing, and when so much was at stake.

The three entrepreneurs were convinced that it was time for a better solution – one that fit the needs and budget of most software development companies. In 2011, WhiteSource, powered by cloud-based technologies and ALM continuous integration practices, was born. WhiteSource was designed to address pain points that engineering executives commonly face with open source by automating the entire process.

WhiteSource is an affordable open source management solution that integrates with your build process and provides real-time feedback automatically and effortlessly. WhiteSource was created for you. We can help you manage your open source effortlessly, so you can focus on building great products.

We help our customers focus their resources on building great products.