Upcoming Events and Webinars

Embarking on Digital Transformation with the right security approach

June 28 | 1 EST

Digital transformation has become a key foundational change in how organizations deliver value to their customers. Join our webinar to learn how IT organizations should embark on DevOps transformation journeys to improve their chances of success and what are the application security technologies that are important to implement in order to face modern threats.

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Accelerating Innovation With Open Source and Agile Compliance in the Financial Sector

June 17 | 11:00 CET

What are the open source technologies financial sector companies must leverage to stay ahead of the game in order to automate important security and compliance processes? Join AWS, Open Chain Project, Logic Technology, and WhiteSource’s upcoming webinar where our industry experts will discuss the challenges the financial services industry faces when it comes to open source security & compliance within the growing regulatory requirements.

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How Vonage Uses SCA to Automate Open Source Security & Compliance

June 8 | 1 PM EST

With the growing adoption of SCA more companies place developers, IT, security, and legal on the same page. This is the case of Vonage, a global cloud communications provider, which needed a SCA solution, that could integrate both open source security and license compliance checks automatically throughout their SDLC. Join this webinar to hear Vonage’s best tips and insights of how they gained, by integrating whiteSource solution, full visibility, and control regarding their open-source libraries

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Achieving Automated Open Source Security with DevSecOps

June 8 | 2 PM EST

DevSecOps sets out to relieve the costly and stressful delays that can occur when security testing is performed late in the game, by setting up processes and tools for “shifting left” so security testing can happen early and often and the organization will better utilize the existing security measures.

Join WhiteSource and Applicita upcoming webinar where our industry experts will discuss Where and how developers are implementing DevSecOps in the SDLC and Best practices for developers to adopt DevSecOps and more efficiently handle vulnerabilities.

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