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Open Source Security

You go to great lengths to ensure your proprietary code is impervious to security vulnerabilities, but what about your open source security?
As the first automatic and continuous open source security solution on the market, WhiteSource has the largest and most comprehensive database of known open source security vulnerabilities and it detects and alerts you on vulnerable open source components in your software.


Accurate detection of open source components

Accuracy should be treated as a double-edged sword. You want a solution that detects everything, but you can't afford to waste your time on multiple false-positives due to that increased sensitivity.
WhiteSource has developed a proprietary algorithm to match vulnerabilities only against the impacted components. This matching is done automatically, unlike most of our competitors. Therefore, WhiteSource guarantees zero false-positives, so you can concentrate only on the real issues that require your attention.


A comprehensive vulnerabilities database

The NVD is the main and most established source for open source security vulnerabilities. However, since the open source community is a bazaar, you can’t rely on just one source.

Occasionally, open source vulnerabilities are reported in open source bug trackers or security advisories prior to, or instead of, the NVD. This means that in order for you to be alerted on security vulnerabilities the minute they're discovered you need a solution that tracks these sources as well.

In addition to the NVD database, WhiteSource continuously tracks security advisories (e.g. RubyOnRails Security, RetireJS etc.), GitHub issue tracker and open source projects’ bug trackers to detect all reported security issues as soon as they're released.

open source security advisories


Programming languages coverage

WhiteSource covers more than 20 programming languages, both binary and source code. WhiteSource also supports Docker containers and is able to detect vulnerabilities in the container itself as well as the software deployed on it.

Due to our immense coverage, our security database contains over 176,000 security vulnerabilities and counting, almost double than our leading competitor.



Actionable remediation suggestions

Not only that WhiteSource alerts you when a known open source security vulnerability is discovered, but it also provides you with actionable suggestions on how to fix it.

We provide links to patches, specific source files and newer versions that fix the issue, recommend code changes which block vulnerable methods and we even suggest changes to your system configuration that blocks exploitation.

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Vulnerabilities detection timing

The earlier you catch a vulnerability, the easier and less expensive it is to fix.

Therefore, you need a solution that can detect a vulnerability as soon as it’s added to your software or the minute a vulnerability is discovered in a component you're already using. WhiteSource integrates with your CI servers, build tools and even your GitHub repository or JFrog Artifactory to alert you in real-time whenever you add a vulnerable component. We also offer our customers a browser plugin to help their developers choose vulnerability-free components before they even run a build. WhiteSource even continues to monitor your products long after product release and alerts you if a vulnerability is discovered in an old product version.

Additionally, WhiteSource constantly monitors multiple open source vulnerabilities databases to detect security vulnerabilities the minute they're released.


Open source security policy

When it comes to securing your open source components, WhiteSource has you covered.

WhiteSource ensures the security of all open source components in your software, throughout all stages of the application lifecycle. Our solution alerts in real-time on issues requiring your attention, enables you to automatically enforce your pre-defined security policy and even lets you break the build. You can also generate full comprehensive reports in one click to help you manage your open source usage.
WhiteSource is the complete solution for securing your open source components.


Microsoft Recommends WhiteSource

"We want Microsoft's users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. That's why we reached out to partner with WhiteSource. WhiteSource is a thought leader in the Rugged DevOps space and we are happy that this partnership will bring the confidence, time and money savings they deliver to their customers."
Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner, Microsoft