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Having joined WhiteSource as the first employee, I’ve enjoyed watching it grow so rapidly over the years, with new members joining us on our mission to make open source just that much more secure.

Tom Shapira

Applications Team Leader

What's great about working at WhiteSource is that I get to develop with the newest and greatest technology in the market.

Anna Rozin

Enterprise Team Leader

WhiteSource provides the opportunity to be consistently and constantly in the company's final products which I see affecting immediately with the company's customers.

Gilad Aronde

Customer Success Manager

At WhiteSource I learn from some of the biggest companies in the world how they handle their source code and understand how to work with enterprises. This is a true window into the exciting world of developers.

Noah Caplan

Director of Sales

Together at WhiteSource

We love celebrations (and generally hanging out with each other), so we organize movie, karaoke, team nights out, field days, crazy holiday parties and a variety of spontaneous events to keep you on your toes and show we care.

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