How Does It Work?

WhiteSource is with you in every step of the software development lifecycle, and keeps monitoring your open source components, even after you release, based on the last build inventory report. From the moment you plug it in, it works continuously and automatically, behind the scenes, keeping close tabs on your open source components.

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With You Throughout the SDLC

Shift Left Your Open Source Management

According to studies, the cost of fixing security issues and uncovered bugs grows as the development cycle advances. This is what shifting left is all about - uncovering as many issues as possible as early as you can in the software development process, to decrease the cost of fixing them and to improve the quality of the shipped product. We offer an agile approach to open source management, by integrating into your build process and 'auditing' your open source components every time you run your build. Start your free trial today, and see how easy it is.