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WhiteSource Renovate Users Now Rewarded Through Google-Sponsored OpenSSF Program

WhiteSource Renovate (AKA Renovatebot) is now part of Scorecards 3.0. The Google Open Source Security (GOSS) Team further announced plans to integrate WhiteSource proactive dependency maintenance tool into its OpenSSF Allstar GitHub application. TEL AVIV AND BOSTON – November 08, 2021 –WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and management, today announced that use of...

WhiteSource Vulnerability Database

The data that powers your Software Composition Analysis solution is the difference between identifying all critical open source vulnerabilities and leaving your organization exposed. Secure your open source software with WhiteSource, the industry’s best vulnerability and compliance data.

WhiteSource Launches Cure, the Industry’s First Self-Fixing Software

WhiteSource Cure eliminates the trade-off between security and the speed of releasing software TEL AVIV AND BOSTON – July 28, 2021 – WhiteSource, today announced the release of WhiteSource Cure, the first-ever security auto-remediation application designed for custom code. This pioneering release enables organizations to accelerate the delivery of secure software at scale. Software developers and...

WhiteSource Diffend

WhiteSource Diffend is a comprehensive supply chain security solution, designed for behind-the-scenes exception-based alerting that doesn’t interfere with developers’ work.

WhiteSource Acquires Diffend to Provide Software Supply Chain Security

TEL AVIV AND BOSTON – April 20, 2021 WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and management, today announced it has acquired Diffend, an open source malware security and threat detection solution. All of Diffend’s current commercial offerings will now be available for free under its new name WhiteSource Diffend. Through the acquisition, WhiteSource is now...

WhiteSource Releases Priority Score to Accelerate Application Security at Scale

Innovative prioritization engine factors in advanced metrics such as business impact and library threat score. TEL AVIV AND BOSTON – April 13, 2021 WhiteSource, the leader in open source security and management, today announced the release of its Priority Score technology to help organizations determine which security vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk, and which demand their...

WhiteSource Priority Scoring

Automatically prioritize vulnerabilities based on customized settings that reflect your organization’s risk profile, by factoring in business impact, availability of a fix, and the threat itself.