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Why Empowering Developers is a Game Changer for Application Security

The ‘Shift Left’ mindset is a major game-changer for Application Security. Not only is it a paradigm shift in the way developers (not just security teams) use these tools, but also how they are built and integrated into workflows. In this webinar, SonarSource and WhiteSource will share real-life insights and learnings on how empowering developers...

Accelerating Innovation With Open Source and Agile Compliance in the Financial Sector

Open source adoption is increasing rapidly within the financial services industry. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, affordability, flexibility, and the power of the open source community – more and more financial institutions are encouraged to integrate open source components into their investment and more data processing systems. Meanwhile, the industry’s growing list of compliance initiatives...

Ataques Cibernéticos – Uma Perspectiva Open Source (Portuguese)

O volume de ataques maliciosos a sistemas continua aumentando ano após ano, com um número cada vez maior de hackers aproveitando o uso crescente do código aberto durante o desenvolvimento de software para distribuir pacotes maliciosos e explorar vulnerabilidades novas ou já conhecidas. Inscreva-se neste webinário onde vamos tratar de soluções para ajudar no desafio...