How Temenos Saves Time & Resources by Automating Their Open Source Management

Temenos, the world’s leading banking software vendor, serves over 500 million customers each day. And just like other companies that use open source, Temenos too started finding it increasingly challenging to handle open source management in terms of license and security issues.

There’s no doubt that open source is revolutionizing the development process. However, open source management is indispensable. Temenos realized that open source components management was holding up a lot of their time and resources. The manual management process was not just laborious but also error-prone.

But Temenos found its solution in WhiteSource, an agile open source management solution that automates the entire process of managing open source components.

Bridge the Gap Between Security and Developers

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Seamless Installation and Thorough Reporting

WhiteSource was quickly integrated to Temenos’ build and became a part of their software development lifecycle.

“Installation took 90 minutes from start to finishing” Martin Bailey, Product Director of Temenos, said, “Once we got it up and running, it was something we could forget about, because there’s no need to go back and do any maintenance on this process – it just worked and it’s been working ever since.”

Upon installation, a variety of reports were automatically generated including the inventory list with all the dependencies, all components licenses, known security vulnerabilities based on the NIST database, and alerts on new patches or versions available for their components. The problematic components, based on Temenos’ policy (see how you can set up your own policy in minutes) and WhiteSource’s database, were immediately flagged.

Blacklisting / Whitelisting Components at the Enterprise Level

With WhiteSource, Temenos was able to blacklist and whitelist open source licenses based on their company policy. Once the lists were formed, the system automatically matched the newly added components against the items in both the lists while automatically accepting or rejecting them based on Temenos’ preferences.

Earlier, this process was manual, requiring Temenos to check each component’s license against the lists compiled by their developers.

Automatic Alerts about Security Vulnerabilities and Quality Issues

Real-time alerts empowered Temenos to quickly address and resolve security and quality issues as they happened.

Earlier, Temenos had no way of knowing when a new security vulnerability that was relevant to them got discovered. To manually go through the hundreds of new CVEs that get published each month is challenging, if not entirely impossible.

About Overcoming Open Source Management Challenges With WhiteSource

With WhiteSource, Temenos managed to eliminate the risk and worries about license compliances, updates, vulnerabilities, and more.

“With WhiteSource we have a comprehensive inventory of all the Open Source components, and can ensure full compliance with our license policies. This also means we can rapidly answer any questions from prospects and be certain we are 100% accurate in the information we are providing, all without wasting any of our developers’ valuable time,” stated Bailey.

Watch our join webinar to see how Temenos powers its open source management with WhiteSource and overcomes its critical open source management challenges. As WhiteSource is a scalable and agile open source management solution, it can adapt seamlessly to your development process as it did for Temenos.