Top Zoom Backgrounds We Love For April 1st

These days, remote work has gone from an interesting trend to consider, to a practice that many of us must adopt. The office conference room has been replaced by virtual ones, often the only place we get to catch up with our colleagues in these ever-changing and often confusing times. 

While we have little say as to what will happen next, one thing we can control is our virtual meetings’ environments — more specifically our backgrounds. We might be stuck at home, we might feel like we’re surrounded by chaos, but Zoom provides us with maximum freedom to control our virtual settings. 

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Our humble tribute to April Fools’ Day is this collection of our favorite backgrounds from our very own WhiteSource crew — including us, your loyal WhiteSource content team. In the hopes of putting a smile on your faces, here it is remote folks, our favorite Zoom backgrounds for some April 1st fun. 

# A Classic Revisited

The GIF that keeps on giving. Who knew way back when BBC dad first went (the-other-kind-of) viral, the clip would be revisited years later. Rhys Arkins, WhiteSource Director of Product.

Turns out that besides being the creator of WhiteSource Renovate and this writer’s go-to for open source community, licensing, or security questions, he is also quite a wiz with remote conferencing backgrounds. This is just one example.


# Live from Red Rocks

Need some space? Human connection? Crank up the volume and join Jason Hammond, our Director of Solutions Engineering — Channels, rocking out and/or telecommuting from the happiest place on earth, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, CO. 


# May the WhiteSource Be with You

Tamir Verthim, our Head Of Solution Engineering, doesn’t get ready, he stays ready, with a fully stocked toolbox of solutions for any issue, big or small. In this case, he came backed-up by WhiteSource managers and founding fathers (left-to-right): Dr. Ron Rymon, WhiteSource Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Rami Sass, Co-Founder and CEO, and Azi Cohen, WhiteSource Co-Founder & General Manager. 



# Serving Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Realness

When the going gets tough, the tough perform a dance number dripping in diamonds. Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself, what would Marilyn Monroe do? Julie Peterson, wordsmith extraordinaire and our Content Marketing Manager, found the answer: do a little dance surrounded by a chorus of dapper admirers showering you with admiration and diamonds. 



# Opulence Is Everything

Perhaps diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but sometimes we just want to kick back and relax in a European mansion. That’s why I chose this backdrop. Home office not up for a virtual conference? Rather than hurriedly sweeping the clutter outside of the frame, swap out your messy background for this gem of a property. 


# The Art of the Subtle Gag

Tom Shapira, our Director of Software Engineering and WhiteSource OG, has weathered the most WhiteSource offices and workspaces out of all of us. While at first it might appear like Tom is sitting in his office workspace, this gag demands a double-take. Our more observant readers probably noticed that Tom is using a photo of his on-prem office background for his remote team meetings, basking in the comfort of the office rather than the glare of the spotlight or the ghosts aristocrats past. 


There you have it, our take on April 1st gags. Do you have a background that provided your co-workers with some comic relief? Share it with us!