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WhiteSource – SaaS Open Source License Management Launches Public Beta

WhiteSource, the leading provider of SaaS Open Source Lifecycle Management Solutions, announced today the opening of a public beta. After three months in closed beta, the company is officially launching a service that enables software developers of all sizes to fully realize the advantages of open source software (OSS), while mitigating the legal and technical risks. Unlike other solutions, WhiteSource is a convenient cost-effective solution even for medium and small companies.

WhiteSource provides a simple to use, yet powerful solution for companies that need to manage their open source assets to ensure license compliance and reduce risk. Developers and managers use WhiteSource’s free cloud-based solution to track, audit and report on OSS components throughout the software development lifecycle.

Today, most companies are addressing the OSS challenge using spreadsheets and other static documents. This leads to missing and out of date information, lack of collaboration, and no clear way to evaluate risk. Companies are often required to do a lot of OSS tracking, validation and compliance work near major events such as M&A and software releases. The WhiteSource solution is easier to adopt and easier to use than spreadsheets, and continuously delivers a full range of current information and capabilities. While all functionality is provided from a cloud-based SaaS service, WhiteSource never uploads any source code to the cloud.

“We’ve looked for an open source license management solution to track all of our open source software and licenses and keep us up with the latest information. We use WhiteSource Software to automate and record our approval process, produce audit reports. It took us 15 minutes to load our existing libraries, and the service takes almost zero overhead in the ongoing.” Said Mirit Manor, Vice President of R&D at VNT Software.

“Our goal is to become the open source lifecycle management provider of choice for organizations of all types and all sizes” said WhiteSource CEO Rami Sass. “Today, only the largest companies have the resources and the expertise to manage the open source lifecycle effectively. This leaves the majority of development organizations exposed to potentially serious risks such as license violations, loss of intellectual property, and exposure to security vulnerabilities. Our easy to use, cost-effective solution makes open source management accessible to everyone.”

WhiteSource Software is offered as a free, cloud-based service. WhiteSource fully supports Java and plans to support additional languages in the future. The company intends to add premium services for a monthly subscription fee. To register for the beta program or for more information, visit whitesourcesoftware.com

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Patricia Johnson

A technology and business leader with an experience in application development, infrastructure and security and with a strong focus on open source software. Patricia help companies to better manage their open source usage, so they can focus on building great products and maximize the benefits of open source.

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