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Shift left your open source management with our browser plugin.
Your developers will now be able to detect security vulnerabilities and other open source issues in the library they are browsing before even downloading it. 

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What Is It All About? 

What would you say if your developers could have open source components’ license compliance issues, security vulnerabilities, and severe bugs when browsing in the most common repositories such as RubyGems or MVN REPOSITORY?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with our selection tool, it’s now possible.

Using our selection tool, your team will now be able to identify any problematic components from the earliest stages of coding. This will not only save them time and effort, but your organization will be able to produce quality products much faster.
Try our tool today to see how it can help you remove the trial and error from your open source usage.

What Do You Get?

It includes the following information:

  • Used in other projects: shows you if your organization is already using this library.
  • Licenses: identifies the component's license.
  • Security vulnerabilities: provides a list of all related CVEs and their severity.
  • Quality: provides an overall score based on the number of commits, version releases etc.
  • Policies: shows you whether the license of the library meets your company's policy as configured in your WhiteSource account.

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How Does It Work?

Shift Left Your Open Source Management

How many times did you spend hours, if not days, integrating an open source component only to find out later that it didn’t meet your company’s open source policy?

When it happened, you had to go back to the drawing board and start looking for another library that fits your company’s requirements. What a waste of time!

The problem is that checking all the parameters of an open source library is nearly impossible. Finding its license is the easy part, but what about all the related security vulnerabilities and understand how well the project is maintained? Researching each open source library that you’re considering to use takes too much time, and to be honest, who really has the patience?

WhiteSource developed the selection tool just for that.

Now you can see all the necessary information about each open source library while viewing it in one of the online repositories (MavenCentral, RubyGems and much more).

Your developers can find out in one glance if this library fits your organization (if it meets your policies if your organization is already using this version etc.) and the indicators about the security and quality of the specific library (security vulnerabilities and severity, severe software bugs, quality score etc.).

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Important: If you already have a WhiteSource account, contact us to get access to the selection tool.