Holistic Open Source
Security Management
For Containers


With You Every Step Of The Way

WhiteSource for Containers Continuously detects vulnerabilities and manages licenses from early development all the way to production.

  • Development
  • Build
  • Container Registry
  • Deployment
  • Native Support For Container Registries

    WhiteSource for Containers offers native integrations for Docker Hub, Amazon ECR, Azure Container Registry, Google Cloud Registry, and JFrog Artifactory.

    Native Support For Container Registries
  • Secure Kubernetes Clusters

    Risk-Free Deployment with Kubernetes

    The WhiteSource Kubernetes Controller is a designated lightweight pod located inside your Kubernetes cluster. It detects all open source components in your cluster and alerts on issues as per your organizational policies. It also supports all Managed Service Providers (AKS, EKS, and GKE).

  • See how WhiteSource Supports Open Source Security Throughout The Container Lifecycle

    Management That’s Built for Containers

    Our management infrastructure has been designed to meet the specific needs of container hierarchies, making operating in their environments a seamless experience.

    WhiteSource for Containers - Kubernetes Dashboard

    The Simplest Way to Secure Open Source Components in Your Containers

    • Continuous Integration

      Native integrations with all container registries and Kubernetes managed service providers

    • Automated Policy Enforcement

      Block vulnerable components from entering your containers to ensure your container security

    • Real-Time Policy Violation Alerts

      Get security alerts when vulnerable components are added to your container or when new issues are reported

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